Lore - Calendar

The Erean Calendar
Each year is divided into four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, each with three months: Rising, Standing, and Waning (R/S/W), based on the state of the dominant moon of that period, each with twenty days. (240 days total).

Thus, a date would be stated as Ninth day of Winter Standing Fifteen Hundred Eighty Second Year CA, denoted as (9WinterS CA 1582)

Dating System – Before the discovery of the ancient cities of Vaiackuria and Durkarr, it was believed that history began with Saint’s Landing, but we now we know that there were cultures on this world at least ten thousand years ago, more than five thousand years longer than previously believed.

Saint’s Landing, however is still the base point from which the time in years is measured. The era before Saint’s Landing is known as the Previous Age (PA) and the era following it is known as the Current Age (CA). The current date is 4055CA.

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