Races -- Miare
The primal fury of nature choosing to chain itself to society. Can wild beasts truly be tame?

Miare traits:

Average Height: 5’4’’ – 6’10’’
Average Weight:
140 – 210lbs.

Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom
7 Squares
Low-light vision

Languages: Common, Elven
Skill Bonuses:
Nature +2, Stealth +2

Cat’s Claws: Your unarmed attack is considered a light blade and is considered a dagger for the purpose of the Rogue Weapon Talent class feature.

Feral Hunter: If an adjacent enemy shifts into s square that is not adjacent to you, they provoke and opportunity attack from you.

Prehensile Tail: You have a prehensile tail. While it is not dexterous enough to wield weapons or for fine manipulation, it can hold objects and anchor you like a rope. The tail can hold arm slot items like bracelets instead of the arms, but not shields or bracers.

Jungle Reflexes: You may use jungle reflexes as an encounter power.

Racial Feature:

Jungle Reflexes
Miare Racial Power
The vicious instincts of your foremothers rises to the surface when you are threatened.
Immediate reaction - Melee weapon
An opponent misses a melee attack against you.
Effect: Make a basic melee attack against the triggering creature. You may shift 1 square before or after this attack.

Once masters of the wild places of the world, miare lost their homeland and their sense of connection to their god in the Ashing of the Green. Rather than try to rebuild or seek new homelands like the hailene, they seek to integrate with civilization and society.

Play a miare if you want...

  • Play a character with a wild side they keep under wraps.
  • Play an animalistic hero.
  • Play a rogue, ranger or fighter


Miare appear at first blush to be a curious mash up of feline, monkey and human traits. Their heads are a blend between human and feline; with human mouths and noses, but cat eyes, ears and whiskers. They have prominent fangs and tearing front teeth, but the molars of humans. Their spindly limbs end in hands with three fingers and an opposable thumb with retractable claws in place of nails.

Their heal joint is elongated like that of a cat, but with humanoid toes, tipped with claws. A tail extends from the base of their spine, roughly three feet long and fully prehensile. A fine pelt covers their bodies, ranging from tawny to jet, to striped depending on clan.

All miare wear their hair long and often elaborately braided. Males also wear rings in their ears while it is common for females t hide their eyes entirely and wear bracelets on their tails. Miare prefer to dress in flamboyant colors and in loose, flowing clothes.


During the Age of Tragedies, Sylph Aneivene, known more commonly as Sylph Reborn, took has her domain the forest called the Great Eavingsing Wood and called to her the woodland and fey people that they might be spared the wars and upheaval going on in the rest of the world.

To her most skilled and loyal followers, she granted a great honor; she blended their bloodline with the primeval power of nature, transforming them into the first miare, her elite scouts, huntsmen and border guard.

In the age in which other races suffered, the newborn miare exalted in their position and the love of their goddess.

And then came the Ashing. Even the goddess was taken by surprise and was forced to retreat as the Calderian offensive obliterated her domain and her peoples. She was forced to flee, taking with her only those eladrin and fey in her immediate court. The miare, guarding the borders, skirmishing with Calderian soldiers, or bolstering allied town in Calderia and Te’ran were left behind.

A grim reality faced the miare. Their goddess had fled, their home was gone, and there was nothing left to rebuilt on in the hostile to the point of malevolence Ashed Lands. With the choice between descending into savagery like goblins or integrating into the rebirthing civilization, the miare choose civilization.

Today, miare are enterprising and productive members of society; excelling in mercantile trades and banking. But within the breast of even the lowliest civil servant miare beats the heart of a bestial warrior.

Miare Characteristics:

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