Races -- Hailene
The descendants of the old masters of the world, fighting to keep hold of what remains to them.  

Hailene traits:

Average Height: 6’-7’
Average Weight: 100-170 lbs.

Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares; overland flight 6
Vision: Normal

Languages: Common, Imperial
Skill Bonuses: +2 Athletics, +2 Intimidate

Indomitable: Hailene gain a +5 racial bonus to saving throws against psychic effects.

Winged Breakfall: Hailene treat all falls as if they were reduced by a number of squares equal to 1 plus 1/2 their level (as long as they are not helpless or restrained) for the purposes of calculating damage from the fall.

Aerial attack: You may use aerial attack as an encounter power.

Racial Feature:

Aerial Attack
Hailene Racial Power
Flight is your gift, guile is your strength.
You cannot use this power while carrying a heavy load.
Standard - Personal

You may fly up to your speed. At any time during this movement, you may make a basic melee or ranged attack as a free action. You suffer the normal penalties for flying if you make your attack while moving. If you end this move in the air, you fall as normal.

Hailene are descendants of both some of the most celebrated heroes and most hated villains in history. As a result, they now seek to take back their homelands and prove themselves before the other peoples of the world.

Play a Hailene if you want...

  • To be a hero who is mobile and proud.
  • To be perceptive and an intense person.
  • To play a ranger, rogue, or warlord


Hailene stand between five foot ten and seven feet tall and weight between eighty and one hundred and twenty pounds. They are humanoid, having two arms and two legs.

A pair of white or grey feathered wings grows from their backs, emerging just between their shoulder blades and spanning up twelve feet. When not in use, these wings close tightly against their back. These feathers are waterproof and fire retardant and when healthy, remarkably difficult to remove from the wing.

At birth, these wings are soft with down and dappled brown and white. From the ages of nine and fourteen, these feathers fall out and flight feathers grow in. Once their flight feathers have grown in, many hailene decorate their feathers with tribal tattoos. Tribal elders or those in similar positions of power have their feathers dyed completely black or sky blue to ensure their underlings know their status

Hailene most often have black or blonde hair and light complexions. Occasional natural variations occur, most often resulting in brown or black feathers or brown hair. These hailene are considered ang’hailene, or out casts of hailene society, just as if they were half breeds or bastard children.


According to thier mythology, the first Hailene were created as guardians and courtiers of the Saints and led the rebellion of the mortal races against the Draconic Dynasties. But with one tyranny overthrown, the hailene usurped dragon magics and sought to spread their own brand of tyranny.

The other mortal races galvanized into the Vishnari Empire with the help of the newly ascended goddess Dey to repulsed the hailene threat, destroying their highly magical infrastructure and subsequently obliterating the Hailene home islands, leaving them uninhabitable for over six hundred years thereafter.

Throughout the reign of the Empire, hailene were persecuted, if not hunted down in all but the most remote reaches, where they formed tribal societies, vastly different from their old caste system. Many Hailene took this as an omen that the gods had abandoned them, and so, raised up their own deities from the legends of their heroic ancestors; a tradition that continues into the present.

When the Empire collapsed and civil wars replaced old hatreds, hailene once more found their place in nationalist armies as aerial scouts and lancers. The discipline and prowess of hailene warriors became the stuff of legend by the time the Thirteen Nations were formed.

As part of the treaty of the Thirteen Nations Accord, the archipelago of Illium, the remains of the Hailene homeland, was returned to the hailene. But in the centuries that passed in their absence saw the arrival of gnolls and goblins, as well as sundry spirit beasts and other monsters. Any hailene that wishes to go home must fight for it and stake out his own land.

While many hailene have taken the challenge, others remain in military service around the world or choose to continue living in tribal communities as they have for centuries. They are generally a proud race, to the point of being haughty and their culture revolves around hierarchies and establishing dominance over their subordinates. Hailene are hardly rare, but they are one of the least numerous of the mortal races.

Hailene Characteristics: Proud, arrogant, intense, traditional, self-assured, militant

Names: Hailene tend toward grandiose names, but use human names when forced to travel into other lands.
Male Names:
Alexander, Cristoff, Vaughn, Corwell
Female Names:
Larrissa, Avianna, Laurielle, Seirra
Family Names:
Lightwings, Starseeker, Goodfeather, Worldreigner

Hailene typically adventure to earn personal glory, to prove themselves better than their fellows, or to earn land rights in their homeland.

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