Paragon Paths -- Hailene Sky Marshal
Death comes to you villain, on righteous wings!

Prerequisite: Hailene

In the eastern hailene tribes, the elite military rank of Sky Marshal is given to the bravest and most skilled warriors in those rigidly hierarchal power structures. Charged with the security of their people by any means necessary, hailene sky marshals use their aerial prowess to give them an edge in battle.

Sky marshals are the among most respected members of eastern hailene society, second only to choir masters, who form the upper echelon of the magical branch of hailene military services.

Hailene Sky Warden Path Features

Sky Fighter (11th level ): You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls and defenses while flying. Additionally, when you use your aerial attack racial power, you gain a fly speed of 6 (clumsy) until the end of your next turn.

Airborne Action (11th level): Whenever you spend an action point to take an extra action, recharge your aerial attack racial power.

King of the Sky (16th level): Your fly speeds increase by 2 and whenever a power allows you to fly a number of squares, you may fly an additional 2 squares.


Aerial Assault
Hailene Sky Marshal Attack 11
You take to the sky to bring the battle to your foe.
Encounter • Martial, Weapon
You must charge as part of this attack. You may fly up to your speed as part of this charge.
Standard Action - Melee weapon
one creature
Strength vs. Reflex
2[W] + Strength damage and the target is marked.
If you are wielding a polearm or spear, push the target 2 squares on a hit.

Secret of Flight
Hailene Sky Marshal Utility 12
Utilizing special breathing techniques, you have learned the ability to fly perfectly, if more slowly.
Move Action - Personal
You gain a fly speed of 6 (hover) until the end of the encounter.

Sky-born Whirlwind
Hailene Sky Marshal Attack 20
As a pinnacle of your race’s martial prowess, you bring death from on high, weaving amid enemies to deal telling blows before flying from their reach.
Daily • Martial, Weapon
Standard Action - Close burst 2
All enemies in burst.
Strength vs. Reflex
3[W] damage and the target is marked.
If you are wielding a polearm or spear, the target is knocked prone.
Fly up to your speed after making the attack, this movement does not provoke opportunity attacks.

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