Paragon Paths -- Audacious Highwayman
 I’d say ‘your money or your life’, but let’s face it – I can take both.

Prerequisite: Loreman

Highwaymen are a dime a dozen, haunting the once well patrolled roads in the east and woodland paths in the west, waiting to part people and their hard earned wealth. But few have the bravado and derring-do to be a truly audacious highwayman.

Such people have taken the relatively new firearm and combined it with swordplay to use both in a truly spectacular fashion. Loremen are the most likely to take up this challenge, but rangers, fighters and even paladins can see the allure of it.

Audacious Highwayman Path Features

Gun and Blade (11th level): You threat all one handed firearms as offhand weapons. You gain a +1 bonus to damage rolls while wielding a melee weapon and a firearm.

Strafing Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take a move action, you may make a basic ranged attack during that movement.

One With the Gun (16th level): You do not provoke opportunity attacks for making a ranged attack with a firearm. You can make a basic ranged attack with a firearm as an opportunity attack. You can still only make opportunity attacks against adjacent creatures, however.


Raider’s Waltz
Audacious Highwayman Attack 11
A quick cut and a double tap neatly clear your path.

Encounter • Martial, Weapon
You must be wielding a melee weapon and a firearm to use this power.
Standard Action - Melee and Ranged weapon
One or two creatures
Intelligence vs. AC (melee weapon), Intelligence vs. AC (ranged weapon)
2[W] + Charisma modifier damage (both weapons)
If at least one attack hits, make a secondary ranged attack.

Secondary Target: One creature.
Secondary Attack: Intelligence vs. AC.
Hit: 1[W] damage and slide the target one square.

Outlaw Charm
Audacious Highwayman Utility 12
Sometimes it doesn’t even matter that they know you’re lying.
Daily • Martial
Free Action - Personal
Use this power when you fail a Bluff or Diplomacy check. You succeed instead.

King of the Road
Audacious Highwayman Attack 20
Gun blazing, sword flashing, you make your way to your goal.
Daily • Martial, Weapon
You must be wielding a melee weapon and a firearm to use this power.
Standard - Melee and Ranged weapon
One or more creatures
Intelligence vs. AC. You can make a total of four attacks while using this power.
2[W] + Charisma modifier damage.
Shift 1 square after each attack regardless of if you hit or miss.

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