Equipment -- Adventuring Gear

Adventuring Gear

Name Price Weight
Ash Wrought Weapon
1,000gp --lb
Firearm Bullets (20)
1gp 1lb
Hailene Preening Kit
3gp 3lb
Mechanical Rifle Hopper (10 bullets)
1gp 1lb
Mechanist’s Tools
10gp 5lb
Musical Instrument
20gp 4lb
Pocket Watch 10gp 1lb
Portable Lab
40gp 10lb
Six Gun Loader (6 bullets) 5sp ½lb

Ash Wrought Weapons
Discarnate creatures, particularly spirit beasts, are incredibly difficult to kill or, at least to keep dead. A substance form the Ashed Lands, called Ash Chalk has the power to disrupt the regenerative and self resurrection powers of such creatures, but as it naturally occurs, it can only harm spirit beasts if ingested.

Luckily, there exists an alchemical process to infuse weapons with ash chalk. For 1,000gp, a character can infuse 30 arrows 10 crossbow bolts or firearm bullets 20 sling bullets or 5 shuriken with the ash wrought property.

Hailene Preening Kit
A wooden box containing the oils, glues, replacement feathers, dyes and tools hailene use to keep their wings looking full and healthy. Using the kit for one hour grants a hailene using it a +1 equipment bonus to charisma based checks against other hailene and to bluff checks to impersonate another hailene.

Mechanist’s Tools
A tin or iron box containing tools, oils and spare parts used in mechanical work. It allows a user with the Mechanist feat to use mechanical schematics while away from a proper workshop. It grants a +1 equipment bonus to thievery checks made to disable or repair mechanical devices.

Musical Instrument
This category includes flutes, lyres, guitars, or any other reasonably compact, mobile musical instrument that is of sufficient quality to be usable as an implement by a loreman or similar class. There is not benefit to using a non-magical implement, but magical versions can be bought that add their enhancement bonuses to attack rolls when using a power with the implement keyword.

Pocket Watch
A mechanical time keeping device, particularly useful to adventurers to spend a great deal of time outside of the view of the sun. A character with a pocket watch can accurately tell time to the nearest 30 seconds.

Portable Lab
A portable lab is a bulky wooden case that folds out into a serviceable alchemist’s lab complete with measuring devices, heating elements and containers for alchemical reagents. The lab allows a character with the alchemist feat to create alchemical items in the field.

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