Monsters -- Glossary

New terms used with monsters in the Ere Campaign.

Discarnate creatures are creatures imbued with power from the Well of Souls during Divinity Sparks, or the offspring of such creatures. They can be of any creature type, and are usually augmented version of existing creatures or the far descendants of what were once existing creatures. Discarnate creatures age more slowly than their mortal counterparts and monster knowledge can be gleaned on Discarnate creatures using Arcana as well as normal checks for creatures of their type.

Most discarnate creatures are vulnerable to materials such as ash chalk that can disrupt the energies within their bodies.

Pets are monsters like mounts that can be purchased and used by player characters and can help in combat. Pet creatures have one or more powers with the Pet keyword, which the pet can be ordered to use by an owner with the proper feat.

Ordering a pet to take a standard, move or minor action is a minor action, but the pet can never have more than normal allotted actions.

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